About Us

Our mission is to share a uniquely Southern experience, one joggling board at a time.

We believe that the things that surround us should be beautiful and have a story to tell.  These beliefs come to life in our handcrafted joggling boards.  They are the perfect way to slow down and share a moment - and perhaps a beverage - with family and friends. 

Founder Matt Barnett visited Savannah on a middle-school trip and instantly fell in love with the historic beauty of the city.  Years later he met his future wife Mary Nelson (a Savannah girl) at The University of Georgia, and the young couple spent many holidays and weekends at her family home on the marsh.  The long wooden dock that leads to the deep tidal pools is strikingly beautiful in every season.  It also happens to be the place that Matt asked Mary Nelson to be his wife.  You can't help feeling relaxed amid the swaying marsh grass, ever flowing water, and warm salty breeze.  

The thirty year-old joggling board at the end of the dock functions as group seating, a cocktail table, and the perfect spot for an afternoon nap. It was here that we found the inspiration to create Oyster Creek Trading.  Our hope is that your family enjoys your joggling board as much as we enjoy ours.  Cheers!