Paint Colors

Our paint colors have been thoughtfully selected to reflect the character and history of our joggling boards

Charleston Green: Legend says that Charleston Green, a green so deep it looks black, came about after the Civil War when Union troops sent buckets of black paint to help rebuild the decimated town. Colorful Charleston residents couldn’t bear the thought of their Holy City being painted government-issued black, so they tinted the paint with yellow and green, creating Charleston’s signature greenish-black accent color.

Savannah Grey: This deep, rich grey is inspired by the famous grey bricks found only in Savannah.  Originally called McAlpin's Gray Brick because they were made from grey clay found on Henry McAlpin's Hermitage plantation on the Savannah River. They played an important part in rebuilding Savannah after the fire of 1820 and although rare, can still be found throughout the city.

Custom Color: We're happy to work with you to select a custom color!  A $50 additional charge will be applied.